WM Recordings have put up a number of worthy artists for the past five years releasing only free albums and all under Creative Commons license. They celebrate the label’s 5th birthday, 100 free albums and nearly 1000 free tracks with the release of their 100th album. WM x 100 / 100 x WM is even more special because it’s a compilation album filled with a wide array of genres and recorded by musicians from all over the world. We see it as a sort of a tribute to WM Recordings – the net label that proved that free music is good music and should be shared.

WM Recordings do not simply feature a certain genre in their every album – they share a mixed variety of different genres which are sure to be liked by just about anyone.

They released WM x 100 / 100 x WM on November 7, 2009 – exactly 5 years after they have established the net label. They have shared almost 1000 tracks from artist all over the world, with a great variety of genres and remixes, and the thought of giving away free and legal music to all people around the world.

The album has various sounds from Afrobeat to Progressive Rock, to Pop and Free Jazz. Moreover, the 100th album is not dedicated to one genre or to one geographical location – all artists come from all over the world, adding a special touch to their 100th compilation.

One nice thing about this album is that you do not know what is in store for you. Once you put your music player in shuffle and pop in this album, you do not know what kind of experience would the next song give you. Take Century of Aeroplanes’ You Like Woody Allen? Studio Haen Remix; at the sound of it, you might say it is some kind of club music inspired by Woody Allen. On the other hand, you would find yourself drifting off into some kind of weird hypnotizing poem which is quite amusing.

Support free music by supporting WM Recordings, and you’d have good, free, and legal music in return for it.

01. Happy Elf – Online
02. daghoti. – Lars don’t like it
03. Dj Tôh – Drops [Studio Haen Remix]
04. Lee Rosevere – Plane Planet
05. Datapanik – Spil [Studio Haen Remix]
06. Keshco – Coma
07. Lanark – Anachoret
08. Gorowski – Mondo’s Disco [Studio Haen Remix]
09. Century of Aeroplanes – You Like Woody Allen? [Studio Haen Remix]
10. Meanwhileproject.ltd – Open Source (STB)_vs_1
11. Vernon LeNoir – Another Glass Of Melonade
12. Nambavan – Live [Studio Haen Remix]
13. Sick To The Back Teeth – Fear Of Water
14. Jan Turkenburg – Hundred
15. René Vis – Music For Free

Bonus: Happy Elf – Online [VIDEO]

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