If you love staying in the know-how about the latest news in real-time, well, this is just the app for you. We are talking about Pocket Express. This is a news app that streams the latest news from around the World as they happen.

The application was developed by Handmark Inc., a company with a vast number of apps under their kitty for various smartphone OS such as Blackberry, Android, Palm OS, Symbian, and iOS.

Pocket Express performs really well and users connected to 3G data will notice just how streamlined the app actually is. It is one of those few fine apps that do their job with utmost finesse and panache. Users get one-touch access to various news reports and data concerning Sports, Weather, Travel, Movies and many other news all in the same place. Very unified, structured and well integrated; with breaking news and photos are directly streamed from the Associated Press (AP).

The app has something to offer for everybody. Movie buffs get to rejoice as the app shows information on the current Hollywood blockbusters. Are you still confused whether to watch “The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn”, no worries, just pull out your iPhone, launch Pocket Express, and Voila! the app throws up ratings, run-time, and also the option to purchase show-tickets right from the device. Wow, this is greatness.

The Weather function also serves its purpose well by offering current, 48-hour, and 7-day forecast. Alongside this, it also displays the current/expected humidity and expected Wind speed with weather forecasts segregated into, Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night.

And don’t forget about Sports with complete live score update, schedules of mathces, and past results. Sport scores are streamed from NFL, MLB, NBA, and major Football European Champions League, including English Premiere, La Liga, Champions League, UEFA Cups and a few others.

Pocket Express also offers updated flight schedules (status, departure, arrival), included is an enhanced currency calculator with latest exchange rates, Finance (AP Finance news and pictorials), Entertainment news, and Horoscopes (daily forecast and Celebrity birthdays).

This app breaks away from the conventional news app and has a more fluid approach; bringing in all user readable content at the same place and same time. A really great app to stay up-to-date. Also, the availability of this app on major smartphone platforms makes this a truly accessible masterpiece.

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