(Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Dashboard Confession)

Dan Mayes: Lemonade & Cigarettes

Dan Mayes is an Aussie singer/songwriter that has a great way with indie folk pop songs. Lemonade & Cigarettes is the artists' latest offering since his initial debut solo record, Press Random, back in 2006. This new album was released early this year (2012) and features 11 singles available at a name-your-price option at BandCamp. Combining his love for slower, folkish pop and indie rock music, the album echoes with beautiful melodies and charming pop sounds. It's hard to imagine Mayes as a bassist for a full-on rock band after listening to this.

Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues as The Folkamines: Expect the Wurst

Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues is spearheaded by well, Billy Wallace. Oftentimes, he's joined by various musicians to create his beautiful sound but his usual comrades on stage include Matt Hemingway, Tim Colina and Alex Frederick. Expect The Wurst is sort of a tribute record of sorts for The Dopamines, a pop punk band from Cincinnati, OH. Unlike punk played like the Sex Pistols, this compilation from "The Folkamines" focuses on a more mellow, indie folk vibe than anything else.

Yael Meyer: Meet Yael Meyer

This week, listen to something new and Meet Yael Meyer, which is also the title of the LA-based songstress’ special edition EP released via Noisetrade. Fans of Sara Bareilles and Regina Spektor may celebrate as this collection features five flavorful pop tunes that spin the word “fun” into a whole new sound.

Andy Shea: Braver

Braver is Andy Shea's latest short compilation. An artist that believes music is best shared and enjoyed with friends; the album is a 4-track collection that showcases simple yet endearing indie acoustic folk. Described as a fan of the "NBA and Shakespeare," Shea is a talented singer songwriter that's currently based in New England. He admits to being influenced by fellow musicians and talented songwriters, Rivers Cuomo and Elliot Smith among others.

Chris Trapper: Into The Bright Lights

Humble and sincere are two words you'll find attached to most of Chris Trapper's songs. Having a sweet and endearing vocal chops also helps add to the sincerity of the songs he's singing. Trapper was a former vocalist for 90s alternative rock band, The Push Stars. The band released a number of albums and went on various national tours. Eventually, the singer went solo and is best known for his contribution to the soundtrack of the movie, August Rush. Into The Bright Lights is a 7-track EP offered by the artist at a pay-what-you-want option over at BandCamp.

Stylusboy: Session for the Heilewelt

Stylusboy is a UK duo made up of Steve Jones and Rachel Grisedale. The duo creates enchanting folk music that echoes the beauty of a quiet day on the English countryside. Armed with an acoustic guitar and gorgeous vocal harmony, they bring in a sense of calmness with their tracks.

Callaghan: 40 States and Counting

Many years and counting, and we’re still looking for that seminal pop-rock record to stimulate our bubbly senses. A worthy contender comes in the form of Callaghan, a relatively new female act that possesses a solid set of heart-wrenching tunes. Born as Georgina Callaghan, the 31-year-old prodigy has been hard at work since the latter part of the previous decade, and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Austin Ellis: The New Vision

Singing heartthrobs seem to be the trend of the moment. Who can blame ‘em? When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Former The Voice contestant Austin Ellis isn’t the one to back down, and he continues his professional musicianship with an eight-track acoustic EP entitled The New Vision.

Uniform Motion: OFPS

A three man group comprising Andy Richards, Renaud Foresti, Olivier Piotte, Uniform Motion originally started by publishing a series of episodes, with each including a song, video and an interactive comic strip illustrating the new creation.