Sunclef: The TesserAct

The TesserAct might just be one of the best collections of the hip-hop drenched, head banding and finger tapping electronic beats, spicy synths, and some mind blowing electro sounds with just a touch of crunchy jazz and funk influence in all the right places, I have seen in a long while. The album is a solo debut from a talented Toronto based musician Sunclef who, with his minimal yet surprisingly powerful tunes, brings us what is extremely hard to find amidst the many thousands of electronic releases out there - quality production.

Don’t Believe the Hype

It's summer, right? Time when what we all need is that extra flow of energy, when we feel like bringing back all those over the top beach parties, rooftop clubs, and the spontaneous vacations somewhere on the islands. Sostanze Records knows the feeling all too well and so they put together a special compilation of five amazing tracks so you can feel like the party is still going even when you are stuck in your grey corporate cubicle. The compilation, Don't Believe the Hype, brings us some of the best of electro and fidget music out there, so be sure to turn up the volume, but remember, according to Sostanze "this album must be accompanied by a medical authorization."

Joe Jack Wagner: Ghosts Revisited

Joe Jack Wagner is a well known electronic instrumentalist band that's known for their covers. Originally from Victoriaville, Quebec; the band has released several albums and EPs since they first came together back in 1997. Their sound breaks down all bounderies, mixing electronic industrial, french pop, progressive, folk, slacker punk and everything in between. Covering anything they fancy and crossing genres here and there, the band places their own stamp on the music allowing for a new sound to emerge. Ghosts Revisited is Joe Jack Wagner's take on the Nine Inch Nails sixth studio album, Ghosts I-IV. It's an amazing remix that keeps listeners intrigued throughout.

Astma: There Will Be a McDonald’s

Listening to Astma is like going on a really weird and wacky ride. It's filled with noises, words, and layers upon layers of sound that you can't make out of. Despite all this chaos, there is an awesome gem hiding inside. There Will Be a McDonald's is a complicated mixture of sound that even some noise rockers might not get. The duo behind this eclectic cacophony is drummer and vocalist, Olga Nosova (Motherfathers), and industrial/electronic maestro, Alexei Borisov. They first teamed up for the effort back in 2009 and since then have collaborated with various artists, poets & musicians to create a unique studio as well as live experience.

Sleepmakeswaves: In Today Already Walks Tomorrow

Making an epic record isn't easy. This is especially difficult if you're a fairly new band. Nevertheless, it's always a great experience to see new artists push the boundaries and deliver a great record despite obscurity. Sleepmakeswaves is one band that manages to hit everything right on the spot. This Aussie group has released 3 EPs under their name, including this one; In Today Already Walks Tomorrow. They're currently gearing up for the release of their debut album by July 2011. For the meantime, you can check out this amazing EP. It's a beautiful mix of progressive, instrumental post-rock that will certainly make you smile.

Pterodactyl: The Dark Side of the Moon

With the success of Weezer's 8-Bit Album version, there was bound to be a sequel. This time around, the boys of Pterodactyl have set their sights to cover one of the greatest bands ever, Pink Floyd. The Dark Side of the Moon has always been an iconic record ever since it was released in March 1973. Hence, it was the obvious choice for the next 8-bit rehash. The Pterodactyl Squad has gathered up some of the most prominent names in chiptune talent and made use of old game consoles to create a truly unique but true-to-the-original sound. This isn't just for those who love Floyd, it's pretty much for anybody who loves great music and good old videogames.

Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 2

With more than just powerful synths accompanying the very first track of the album, Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break take no time in properly introducing us to their more recent digital compilation. Released in 2010 Oscillations is a part 2 in series of exciting musical journey through some great hip-hop, electronica, neo-soul, and dubstep sounds. The compilation is putting forward twenty one of the best, exclusive (or at least previously unreleased) tracks just for us. So let's return the favor by turning up the volume.

Great Skies: Summer Moments EP

Cut records is a fairly new netlabel having just started last January 2011. By fulfilling the need to provide great ambient, post-dub sound from unknown but very talented artists; they're fast becoming recognized for churning out quality EPs left and right. Armed with their fifth release, Cut Music is unleashing their latest ambient electronic EP. This time around it's from Great Skies; a 20-year old London native. Despite having a run time of less than 15 minutes, this four track EP called, Summer Moments, compiles what is essentially a short burst of energy mixed with chill music and synths. One of those compilations you can just leave playing at the background without much thought.

Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo: Scream Dream

Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo is a hodegepodge of sounds and genres. On the one hand, you get songs emanating with an indie electronic folk rock vibe, but as you progress through the album you encounter a darker, noise rock, experimental sound that leaves you wondering what happened. Well, for one, Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo are two different bands. Although both hail from Massachusetts, soundwise, that's about as far as similarities go. The former describe themselves as mainly into gothic/psychedelic electronica while the latter dubs themselves as belonging to the acousmatic/ tape music/ visual genre. Despite the differences, this five-track mini record resonates with both individuality and coherence.