Software or Games for iPod


Songbird manages your music and videos on a number of devices. It is a perfect tool for syncing all of your libraries to your phone, computer, or an Mp3 player. And if you are a avid fan of certain radio stations or those amazing podcasts you have been tuning to nearly everyday, Songbird will never leave you hanging. Unlike some music players it's not super predictive, which I personally like. It's more about accessing your library, radio and online sources in one quick passage.

Downhill Xtreme

Casual games have captured the hearts of millions; they also turned many of the iPhones, iPads and iPods into some of the most outstanding gaming devices out there. So if you are one of the people who can not wait to try out another hot game on the market be sure to check out Downhill Xtreme, "worldís first longboard racing game" that just might leave you playing for hours. Created by Distinctive Developments Ltd, this developer has proved to be an avid lover of the mighty iOS platform, producing some great time-killing titles such as, Football Kicks, Rugby Nations 09, Anytime Pool to name a few. However, it is the Downhill Xtreme that is a real step forward in the right direction.

Six Guns

It is time to put on the cowboy hat, load the revolver chamber and get ready to step-in the dust, at-least that is the call with the latest iOS game Six Guns. The game takes the free app offering to an all-new level in terms of graphics, gameplay, challenges and the likes. Developed by Gameloft, these developers need no introduction at all as their past works do it all for them, especially after offering some really great free HD titles such as Brothers In Arms, Assassins Creed: Rearmed, and Lets Golf! 3 HD. And this time Gameloft has delivered another great gaming experience with Six Guns.


Photo editors are available by the dozens on the iOS platform, but a very few of them create a niche for themselves and leave a smile on users face. Well, Gifture is just the app that lives by this statement to the fullest and does the job in the best possible way, especially when it comes to easily creating beautifully animated photos. Created by Toaast a developer that has been quite loyal to the App Store; Gifture is an app that does make a mark for itself and lives up to a few expectations of the user to say the least about its productivity.

Samurai vs Zombie

We have played a lot of zombies games and some of them have really blown us away with the level of realism packed inside. This is what Samurai vs Zombie is all about. An action-packed game with oodles of characters and wonderful surroundings. The game was created by Glu Mobile, a developer that has joined the A-league of smartphone game developers long time ago. Since than, Glu has produced some of the most amazing game titles such as Frontline Commando, Blood & Glory, Guitar Hero, Gun Bros Multiplayer and many more. Samurai vs Zombie really sticks to the legacy of great gaming fan.


Fring is considered to be the most advanced vide-calling solution on the mobile platform. They have now launched group video-calling for Google Android smartphones, Nokia and iOS devices with support for up to four-way video calling functionality. Fring was the first ever video-calling solution to offer free group video-conferencing and in recent updates, it has also offered free unlimited voice calls to other Fring users without any purchase of credits or tariff plans.

Archer World Cup

Time for some archery on the iOS platform with Archer World Cup. In this highly rated game, players need to master the game of accuracy and enjoy the smooth play the same time. Rated as the Top free app in various countries, it is time to compete with the World. In-game, the obstacles you are most likely to stumble upon are the wind and your heartbeat. Yes, so even if the angle is great and accurate, your heartbeat may just cost you your aim and make it go for a royal toss. Created by LitQoo, the developers have churned up a very neat offering for iOS gamers and will surely make you smile with this one.

Falling Balls

Coming straight to the point, Falling Balls is a game that really needs to be played to enjoy it to the fullest. Coming to the iOS platform, it will surely provide all users with ample fun time without getting one bored. Developed by BIT-101, this developer has done a commendable job by integrating the finest architecture structure within such a casual game.


This one is for the serious business users or people who are a bit too obsessed with lists and locations. Catch is an app that packs-in a great punch and does its job really well. The app helps in capturing of ideas, picture-notes, jotting down written notes, attaching reminders and the likes with the ability to sync to the cloud and being available whenever and wherever. Created by Catch.com, a Top Developer on the Android Market, the app is well executed and on many instances it does come at par with Evernote, if not surpass it.