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One Curious Nightfall

One Curious Nightfall is a short but very interesting game that's coupled with one awesome soundtrack. The game is beautiful and definitely worth checking out and experiencing for yourself. In the game, there are several rooms that you need to explore, with each room holding a surprise of its own. Gameplay is quite simple and the graphics is 2D but it's still pretty amazing. It's a bit short so don't expect to get too attached with the game since it might be over even before you start getting a feel for it. Give the game a try by hitting the download link on the upper left of the image.

15 Minutes

If you're a big fan of Jack Bauer and his exploits, then you might want to try out 15 Minutes. This cool game is a humorous take on the hit action TV show, 24. The game was created by Tim Hengeveld, an animator, storyteller, game developer and artist all in one. It was created especially for the MAGS monthly AGS competition. The competition is open to all amateur game developers. Participants have to create a game under one month and following the rules set by the previous winner of the competition. Even though the game is a bit short, it's certainly entertaining and lots of fun. Check it out.

Rhythm Racer 2 HD

What do you get when you cross Guitar Hero with a racing game? You get Rhythm Racer 2! This fun and exciting game is just what you need to inject some entertainment on your mundane free time. The game plays like Guitar Hero in that you have to keep the song playing by hitting powerups and without getting bumped off course. It combines speed with accuracy and great music to boot. The game is available for download on the App Store and works on the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. It was created by AvatarLabs and features a fast-paced gameplay as well as great graphics. Give the game a try. It should be worth the download.

Death Worm

Death Worm is considered one of the classics. It's a quirky little freeware that's absolutely fun to play. If you remember Kevin Bacon running away from these giant worm-like creatures in Tremors, and you actually enjoyed it; then here's your chance to play the worm instead. The game lets you play as the invertebrate who has quite a big appetite. You can eat soldiers, surprise or fling around elephants and simply enjoy amazing chaos using your little big worm. Sure, it might be a little strange to be cheering and enjoying yourself while manipulating a giant spineless creature but it's definitely worth checking out. Give it a download right now.

General Conflict

General Conflict is the result of a project created by 8 talented students from Utrecht School of the Arts. The game is a simple yet enjoyable fast-paced shooter platform that is perfect if you have several buddies over (currently it can accommodate up to 3 players) and are clearly looking for some fun as well. This great little action platformer is still being upgraded by the team as they get a feel for the response and feedback they receive from gamers. However, that doesn't stop it from being such a fun game to try out though.


Dactyl is a fun and addictive game that you'll definitely enjoy. The game was developed and released by Mauvila Software. It was initially offered for $0.99 but has since been offered for free by the company. In the game, your job is to diffuse the bombs that light up, but you have to diffuse them in the same order that they light up, otherwise it's kaboom! It's essentially a fast-paced memory game where remembering is an important factor for you not to be blown to bits. So if you are up for a little challenge, have good dexterity in your fingers and a sharp memory, this game is just waiting for you to play. Grab it right now.

Free Solitaire 3D

erhaps one of the easiest and most well-known computer game since the days of yore is the Solitaire. With countless remakes and a couple of face lifts; this cool, classic game is now hitting the iPad and other iOS device in full 3D. Created by GrassGames, this Free Solitaire 3D is a great way to keep yourself busy on your spare time. It has everything that the classic card game has to offer and a little bit more. The game is offered as a free download on the Mac App Store, so go ahead and download this one by simply hitting the download link above the image.

iStunt2 HD – Insane Hills

One of the coolest free games you can download from the App Store, iStunt2 HD - Insane Hills lets you do amazing acrobatic stunts while heading downhill in your snowboard. The game was created by Miniclip Inc. who has also created countless interesting games and made them available online. The game combines great gameplay along with beautiful graphics. It also makes use of the iPad's inner gyroscope when it comes to controlling your snowboarder. Why not check out the game right now? It's available as a free download and definitely worth trying out.


MazeFinger certainly knows how to make your fingers work for you. It's a pretty cool game that ensures your fingers get a good workout trying to figure out more than 1000 mazes while beating the clock. The game was created by then up-and-coming-developer-to-watch-out-for Ngmoco. Most developers might get pressured with this tag but instead, ngmoco actually stepped up and delivered. MazeFinger is an amazing, highly addictive game. The best part is that it is offered absolutely free! It works great on both the iPhone and iPod Touch; taking advantage of the amazing graphics that's offered in these devices. Download this amazing game right now.