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Derek Clegg: Overlook The Human Race

No stranger to the pages of the Frostclick blog, Chicago-native, Derek Clegg is here to showcase his latest musical effort. Overlook The Human Race is a beautiful compilation that delivers Clegg's resident acoustic guitars and heartfelt vocals. The album contains 11-tracks and is album number 9 or so for the artist. If there's one thing the artist has mastered throughout the years, it's the capacity to deliver a catchy tune even with the simplest arrangements. Filled with midtempo acoustic pop cuts with a sprinkling of folk here and there, this is a beautiful record worth noting.

Bit Laden: Tienes Sida (EP2)

Bit Laden is a Barcelona-based crew that specializes in creating funky electronic music with fun 8-bit elements. Made up of Joey Zeke Stolen on guitars, Gumbel - on "little buttons" and El�as Fraguas; the trio creates a set of cuts that introduces several elements. Tienes Sida (EP2) is quite short but it's enough to give listeners a good feel for the band's music. The EP contains four tracks that abound in electronica, arcade sounds and a whole mix of genres in the mix.

The Blue Stones: How’s That Sound?

Driving a cool, blues rock sound; The Blue Stones delivers great bar room music that goes well with a bottle of ice cold beer. This Ontario-based duo have been making music for a while and they've shared their edgy blues rock and roll style of music to plenty of fans. How's That Sound? is the second record for the duo. It's mixed and mastered by Brett Humber from the Sound Foundry. Combining a retro sound with some classic blues rock rhythms; each track resonates with a radio-friendly appeal that's hard to deny. The album includes 7-tracks which were all written by band members, Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier.

Carroll: Needs

For all the fans of indie pop rock, get ready to fall in love with Carroll. No, Carroll isn’t the girl you sat next to in class, but a cool Minneapolis quartet who knows how to tug at your indie pop heartstrings; making you want to hit the repeat button each time the record ends.

Syberia: Drawing a Future

Post-rock enthusiasts just might find a favorite in Spanish band, Syberia. Made up of Xavi Forne, Oscar Linares, Kandro Dillinger, Carlos Alonso and Oscar Caselles, these guys create a thick wall of instrumental rock that will keep you warm in the dead of winter. Gathering influences from bands like Isis, Tool, Mogwai, Mastodon and Caspian, they create a hypnotic layer of sound in each cut. Drawing a Future is the band’s debut compilation and was released last September 2012 at a name-your-price download at BandCamp.

High Pop: Hip Hip Hooray

If your'e in the mood for some hazy, garage rock and saccharine pop, then High Pop is the band you should be listening to. After a successful run with their previous record, Hip Hip Hooray delivers the same sweet and intoxicating punk fuzz pop they've come to master. Treading this route the second time around has its benefits though, the band sounds more polished than ever and seem more comfortable with their chosen genre. Be prepared for track after track of energy filled, freaky indie rock mixed with a whole lot of sugary pop when you listen to this record.

Aaahh Records Presents The Braaahhlitz Compilation

For the last two years, the Aaahh Record's crew gathered up several musicians and holed up in a small town called Bralitz (somewhere in Berlin.) With nothing but music, plenty of time and some fresh air, they've been creating wonderful music and have been churning them out in little compilations like this one. This Braaahhlitz Compilation is the result of last year's mini gathering. It's comprised of 8 tracks filled with guitars, flutes, a whole lot of handclaps and just simple music that makes your hearts flutter or gather up that book and curl up in the corner.

Shipwrek: Journal

With nothing but a short sentence stated on his website "about" section, Journal by Shipwrek is as mysterious as it is engaging. Aiming to capture those fleeting moments and translate them into a gorgeous mix of beats, synths and rhythm; Journal manages to create a rich landscape of sound that listeners can easily get lost in. The man behind Shipwrek is Jason Siegler. His fascination with capturing his day to day existence into sound initially started as a simple project but quickly evolved into a complex set of recordings that throb and pulse with energy as well as life.

Derek Clegg: All Those Days To Feel Better

When Derek Clegg makes an appearance here at the Frostclick blog, you can be sure that he definitely has something good in tow. Sure enough, his latest album, All Those Days To Feel Better is something to look forward to. Like his previous releases, this one is an indie acoustic folk affair that carries Clegg's laid back vocals and beautiful melodies. His guitar skills, vocal and lyrical work still take center stage like it always has.