progressive rock

The Stalactites: Dark Matters

If you're looking to get your progressive rock fix, The Stalactites' Dark Matters could help you in this department. Made up of Johnny B. (guitar), Rudy Hellio (piano, guitar, programming), and Sophie Hebbelynck (violin), The Stalactites is actually a virtual band; making use of the internet and sending each other recorded files from miles away. Dark Matters is the second compilation for the group. It was released back in August 2011. Don't expect crazy progressive riffs in here though, the album dwells more on the atmospheric/ambient side, combining hazy guitars with moody violin work and great programming.

Mandate of Heaven: Hun in the Sun

This is the second time these boys from Syracuse, NY are making an appearance here at Frostclick. Their more recent album, The Next Valley Over was featured last July. Hun in the Sun is one of the older Mandate of Heaven albums, but it's nevertheless, still a goodie. The album is laced with beautiful instruments and sweet vibes throughout. Mandate of Heaven is fronted by Greg Pier, who also uses the same moniker for his solo performances once in awhile. The record might be a few years old but it's still a must-listen for those who love progressive rock with a slight retro feel to it. Beautiful album to check out.

Nude: Love

Nude is a progressive rock band that's not ashamed to play with their tempo, instruments, vocals and mood. Working together for less than a decade, the group is made up of four musicians who are heavily influenced by such prominent alternative, indie and progressive rock bands like  Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Genesis. These four Frenchmen create a mix of moody prog and alternative rock with an overall moody and pensive vibe. This one is certainly worth a listen especially if you adore Tool and the other bands mentioned above.

MindFlow: Breakthrough

Formed in 2003, this progressive rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil has garnered plenty of praises. Mindflow has won fans from both the rock genre to the hardcore progressive junkies. Breakthrough from Mindflow is filled with progressive metal riffs, sweet and powerful vocals, thundering drums as well as flowing melodies that's hard not to fall for.

Disen Gage: The Screw Loose Entertainment (Promo Version)

Progressive rock like no other from the Russian Federation. Bio chemists by day to prog rock minor gods at night, Disen Gage creates a fusion of jazz, rock and ethnic sound that doesn't shy away from complexities. Disen Gage creates music that incorporates highly intelligent/methodical rock and an experimental yet fun ethnic sound. The Screw Loose Entertainment easily passes off as a fourth King Crimson album.

The Heavens: The Heavens

British rock and American psychedelia rolled into one. If at some point you fell in love with the Verve or any 90s Brit rock band during the Oasis era, then you might find The Heavens a real treat. The band infuses their music with bits and pieces of rock, alternative, psychedelia and indie rock making every listener think twice whether it's really 2010 not 1998. The band is known for mixing British 60s rock with a psychedelic American twist. Their self-titled EP has been hailed positively by various critics and reviewers. In fact, one writer even went on to say that "their 4-track demo is better than most current bands' singles." I must agree, so why not give the tracks a listen and be the judge.

Charts and Maps – Enemies of C. Frias

Indie jazz rock band conquers music lovers with a solid indie math rock offering. Charts and Maps offers one of a kind instrumental music that takes you back to the 60s, as it reverberates with beautiful guitar work and a jazzy rock feel. Enemies of C. Frias is the bands 4 song EP and from the sound of it, it seems to be a very promising take on what they have to offer. Enemies of C. Frias was mixed and recorded with the help of Chris Schlarb, member of jazz rock duo I Heart Lung; this demo is a mix of math rock and indie jazz but for those who hate labels, it's otherwise called great music. Take a listen.

Mountain Mirrors “The Immortal Deadbeats EP” – Psychedelic Acoustic Rock from Massachusetts

Dark, Zen-like, melancholic acoustic rock from the backwoods of Massachusetts. Released in April 2009, The Immortal Deadbeats is the fourth album from eerie rock group Mountain Mirrors. Brainchild of Jeff Sanders while incarcerated in some deep dark wooden forest reminiscent of Tim Burton's Wonderland; Mountain Mirrors is a collective collaboration with various other artists. All lending their talents, expertise and idiosyncrasies into creating this engaging 4 track EP. With a penchant for the offbeat, The Immortal Deadbeats EP is an endearing collection and a promising taste of what to expect from the group in the near future.

Cakeflap “The Bakery is Open” – The Fiercest One-Track Album Ever

The album The Bakery is Open is the debut album of Cakeflap - a four-member band from UK. According to their Myspace page, the band started as just a collaboration of four 'disgruntled employees' who've had 'one too many Digestives'. They then decided to make exhaustingly long songs that run for as long as 20 minutes! The Bakery is Open is a one-track album and that single track is a medley of 18 different instrumental songs. Very understandably, cakeflap describes their music as progressive rock and jazz fusion.