With it’s roots in experimental jazz, electro, and what sounds like just a touch of American indie pop, Adam & Alma created their very own musical universe of amazing sounds that will pull you in in a matter of seconds and keep you listen for hours.

Adam & Alma (real names Johan Graden and Ellen Arkbro) is a young duo from Stockholm, Sweden. Their first EP, “Back to the Sea”, was released in March 2010 under the Swedish netlabel ’23 Seconds’ and is already making a splash in the virtual world of free quality sounds.

All of the five tracks, dressed in Johan’s piano and Ellen’s voice, gives us the always welcomed variety that, in the words of ’23 seconds’, bring the electronic back to the organic.

Smile for me, sun by Adam & Alma

Their first track, “Things”, begins with Alma’s mesmerizing whispering vocals soon joined by the delicate beats and synths, which together with the soothing, airy piano ballad of “Back to the Sea” represent the more peaceful and relaxing side of the EP. However the languid opening quickly transitions into a more chill, sensual, and dark piece of electronica, with the Massive Attack style bass, intertwined synths, distorted vocals and other experimental vibrations. In short the record offers lots of character and range, so let’s hope there is much more to come.

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