Games for all the platforms

Florensia – Free MMORPG to play in land and sea

Have you ever heard of a massively multiplayer online game that lets you travel land and sea? In most games, you are stuck in a landmass and whatever water body that the environment suggests will be nothing but decorations. However, Florensia Online allows you to create your own adventures on the shore and in the water! You have to hone your naval skills as well as your land skills to progress in this game.

Tremulous – not your typical alien first-person shooting game

Tired of your old first-person shooting game which seems to be so repetitive as you go through it day by day? Or perhaps you can't just get over the thought of shooting aliens or maybe you want to fight as an alien this time? Then maybe this is just the game for you. Tremulous is an open-source game for Linux and Windows with a team-based gameplay where players can choose between aliens and humans. It combines FPS with real-time strategy to keep the excitement going on for hours and hours.

StepMania – turn your computer into a dance machine

Remember those Japanese dance games way back at the beginning of all rhythm games? If you badly want to dance once again without going back to PlayStation, XBox, or going to video game arcades, then here's the perfect game for you - StepMania! StepMania is a free dance game for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It is also free & open-source, don't have to worry about paying for it - just dance your night away.

Twelve Sky 2 – a free martial arts game

If you’re the type of person who has collected all the Once Upon a Time in China movies and still enjoy watching it today, there is a game that is designed especially for you. Twelve Sky 2 is set in ancient China where there are three clans that rule the land. You can take your pick from the Imperial Dragon Clan, Royal Snake Clan and the Fierce Tiger Clan. There, now doesn’t that remind you of your old martial arts movies?

Cake Shop – a free game for your sweet tooth

Anybody who has been familiar with the hit game Diner Dash will recognize this game too. Here comes another game for anyone who likes the idea of running their own shop complete with coffee, sweets and cakes. Coffee Shop is another time management game with a twist. Don’t be fooled by the cute store sign, this free to play game will frustrate your eye-hand coordination skills after a couple of levels.

Atlantica Online – strategy and roleplay in one free game

It is rare for anyone to say that they have tried a completely different online rpg game that blows their mind away. Nowadays, it’s difficult for game companies to deviate from the hack n’ slash formula that has made them successful before but there is one game that was able to do it Atlantica Online is probably the only free to play game to introduce a strategic gameplay in a way that takes players by surprise and amazement.

Osu! – This Free Rhythm Game is One Click Away!

The evolution of rhythm games did not stop with Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. Rhythm games take on a new face as different types of gameplay are introduced. The Nintendo DS rhythm game called “Ouendan” inspired a skilled team of gamers to create their own free-to-play rhythm game. Combining excellent gameplay and community-generated beatmaps, this new rhythm game is called Osu!

Lost Treasures of El Dorado – a free puzzle game with a storyline

History fan? This game is made just for you! And no, it’s not another one of those boring trivia games that gets old after the first five questions. This is a nicely done jewel matching game set in a very engaging historical environment. History buff or not, this free to play game has something cool and unique to offer. With stunning visuals and a plot worth remembering, Lost Treasures of El Dorado is indeed quite a treasure.

Yo Frankie! – a great 3D Blender-based game with a cute but evil squirrel

Imagine this: a cute but evil & angry-looking flying squirrel picking up acorns, attacking sheep, and throwing bones? Are you having a hard time imagining? Well then stop imagining and check out Yo Frankie! Yo Frankie! is a 3D game where you play as this mean squirrel, jump over rams and sheep, and throw bones and acorns. Based on Blender and Crystal Space 3D, it's a game that you and your little siblings will surely enjoy.