VivaVideo from QuVideo is a free video editor, so what makes it different from the rest? For one thing it allows you to make videos with storyboards and even use slow motion effects, and you don’t need to do a lot of editing. With it you can quickly make a video story you can share with friends even if you’re not an expert.

GIF for Facebook Messenger

GIF for Facebook Messenger from Riffsy is the app that does exactly that: let you send GIFs. Messenger is a cool app and mostly functional, but the fact you can’t send GIFs has always been one of its shortcomings. Now, that isn’t going to be a problem anymore as you can send GIFs with a single tap.

Giphy For Messenger

Giphy for Messenger is all about making it easy to search GIFs and using them in the Messenger app. This isn’t the only app that can do the GIF thing, but it’s one of the most popular because once you download the app and integrate it with Messenger, you can search the Giphy database for all their GIFs, and that’s a lot.


There are a lot of drawing apps on the iOS and Android, but the problem with these is they’re often too difficult to learn quickly, ending up in added frustration. If you love graphics and colors but don’t want to get worked up about it, try Colorfy from Fun Games for Free – a coloring book app for your mobile, where you do nothing more than color images. Simple yes, but it’s relaxing and soothing.

Star Wars Official App

With a new Stars Wars movie coming out, it’s only fitting that Disney and Lucas Films came out with a new app, and they have. The new Star Wars official app isn’t a game, but more like a one stop shop for anything and everything to do with the franchise. It includes news updates, activities, media, history and more. Once you sign in with your ESPN or Disney account, you’re good to go.

Hair Color Booth Free

The number of beauty and hairstyle apps available for the iOS continues to increase, and one of the more interesting ones to come out lately is Hair Color Booth from Bluebear Technologies. If you’ve ever wanted to try out different hair colors but didn’t want to mess around with the actual application, this is something you could find useful and fun.

BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed is a well-known website that specializes in updating you on the latest viral online content. BuzzFeed News is their long awaited iOS app (Android version coming soon), and it’s got all the news that will entertain, surprise, amuse and educate you.