Month: February 2012

Denmaaahhrk Compilation from Aaahh Records

Perhaps one of my most favorite netlabels online, Aaahh Records is now back in full force. This time they're bringing in tow something extra special for their listeners. The gang spent one entire week, renting a house in Denmark and inviting all of the bands in their label to come and visit; bring their instruments and simply jam as well as create beautiful music together. The result is the compilation you see before you, The Denmaaahhrk Compilation. Expect nothing but fun times and great music in this album. You'll hear from the likes of Keyboard Rebel, Brynn and Entertainment for the Braindead (some of which have been featured on the blog.)

Crazy Basketball

Another crazy, fun, and casual gaming session has invaded the iOS platform and it is called Crazy Basketball. This one takes the cake as far as casual gaming goes with a heady mix of smooth gameplay, cute characters, cartoon animations, groovy in-game music and plethora of unlock-ables. Developed by Yogamen Inc., the company already has quite an impressive variety of releases for the iOS gamers and does quite a commendable job with Crazy Basketball.

Euro-Trash Girl: Afterhours

Euro-Trash Girl's latest EP Afterhours sounds like a big-time pop rock album. The band composed of Judit Casado, Luis Martnez, Jorge lvarez, Endika Martn and Tino Nocedal, places their roots from Valencia, Spain. The three songs offered in this set takes on an American rock sensibility. Afterhours kicks off with raw energy and fuzzy guitars. The superb female vocals make a stark contrast to the rock-sounding melodies. It also adds a softer spot making it more listenable.

Die Beauty

After four years in the making, Stina Bergman's Die Beauty is ready to face the world. This full-feature film written by sa Bjrklund was premiered last September 17, 2010 at the Rio Cinema, SWE Museum and at The Pirate Bay on the web. Since its release, Die Beauty had appeared on international film festivals such as the Camerimage Festival in Poland and the Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival.

Farkus: Naked Eye Astronomy

Appearing for the second time here in Frostclick is the Illinois alternative melodic rock band, Farkus. They first graced the pages of the blog with their debut album, Thought You Should Know. After receiving solid feedback and polishing their sound even further, the quartet is back with a fresh set of tracks that they're offering for free download right here on Frosclick. Naked Eye Astronomy is a set of 8 tracks that echo the band's characteristic melodic altrock sound. Their sound is more polished compared to their debut record but it still resonates with that hardcore rock and roll feel along with some well-put together lyrics. Expect prolonged guitar riffs, heavy drumming and some melodic rhythm to grace your ears as you listen to this one.

Saint Bernard: The Spirit of the Stairs

A quick Google search about Saint Bernard (the band) and you'll most likely not end up with much useful information. It's too bad since it would be nice to find out more about them and their sound. Despite the lack of info, their music is enough of a treat for those who take a listen. The Spirit of the Stairs is a lovely collection of indie pop rock tracks. There are 10 songs you can enjoy and each one is accompanied with a lovely acoustic vibe. Perfect for quiet mornings or if you're feeling a bit reflective; it's easy to pop on the album and simply let the melodies take you away.

IBM Lotus Notes

In the present scene of phishing online, encryption of confidential emails is of utmost importance for the professional on-the-go. So, here comes in IBM Lotus Notes Travel Companion. IBM Lotus notes is nothing new or unheard of in the professional world and does a very neat job with the highest level of data-encryption available today. IBM Lotus Notes allows users to send, receive and view encrypted data through the app. Users with Domino mail will be loving this app for the plethora of functionality this app throws-in for them. Domino Mail users can not only sync their account with Lotus Notes but also view mail on their iPhone.

Beware Wolf: Tales

Tales is a short 4-track EP from a trio of lads from West Yorkshire, England. Creating a flurry of indie math rock in a span of more or less 15 minutes, the band's debut is laden with some fun and catchy tunes worth taking note of. Made up of Tom, Liam and Sean; Beware Wolf strays away from hiding underneath instruments and instead cleverly mixes varying tempo, beats and smart lyrics to round up their cuts. It's this eclectic side coupled with the bands pop sensibilities that make each song in this record quite enjoyable.

Special Enquiry Detail

It is time to let your detective skills kick-in and solve amazingly intriguing mysteries with their far-share of twists. Special Enquiry Detail is a game that puts the player in the shoes of Detective Turino and Detective Lamonte. The game can really make a player scratch those grey cells of theirs. Created by G5 Entertainment, the developer has done a fanatstic job by churning out titles such as Special Enquiry Detail and the quality can be seen in the game.